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Need a hand with your security program? From planning and strategy to full service support, our experts have you covered.

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Diagnostic & Intrusion Test
Security Audit
Sensitization & Training

Holistic view of an organizations IT security offering complete cyber threat visibility, extending data democritization and augmenting advanced analytics for replay and analysis.

Reduce your risk through a preventative approach. Discover how Core Security penetration testing can help you evaluate the security of your IT infrastructure by safely trying to exploit vulnerabilities.


As part of the goal of protecting against a data threat event, security audits involve technical reviews reporting on configurations, technologies, infrastructure, and details that can intimidate those who feel less-than-expert in IT.

Cyber security and cyber security awareness are critical to your survival in an industry dominated by growing virtual crime.

Core Banking
Mobile Lending

FIn-Lant Core Banking Solution, a customer centric, end-to-end solution spans a wide range of core banking operations across the domains of commercial and consumer banking, infrastructure finance, credit lines, remittances & Sacco’s

Fin-Lant lending allows a customer to apply for loan using self-service device such as a mobile phone, receive a response in real time, and have the requested amount in their account immediately. As well As Pay your bills on time.