Sensitization Training

Staying safe while having fun: Phoenix E-Learning cybersecurity simplified


Did you know that 95% of cybersecurity breaches are due to human error? On top of that, only 38% of global organisations state that they’re prepared to handle a sophisticated cyber attack.
And worse, as much as 54% of companies say they have experienced one or more attacks in the last 12 months this number rises every month.

Who should complete cyber security awareness training courses?

Your employees are your first and primary line of defence against online crime. That’s where cyber security awareness training comes into play—equipping your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves from criminal elements.

Any employee with access to a work-related computer or mobile device should undergo thorough cyber security awareness training. This means pretty much everyone, because anyone with private or officially registered technology can be targeted. Those personal cell phones may still have data on them that can be used to access corporate networks. Or, if the employee falls victim to identity theft, their unique info can be used to create false profiles that link back to your brand, allowing for a wide variety of fraudulent acts.

                                      Some of the critical topic we cover in cyber defence training?

Our cyber defence training  cover elements such as:

  •      Current threats
  •      Attack red flags
  •      Defensive procedures
  •      Threat reaction plans
  •      Cyber Bullying

Security awareness training/ network security training should always be based on real-life attack simulations that are in line with the most recent criminal trends. Hackers are always evolving their approaches and technologies, and so your company must always be upgrading its defence training to keep vulnerabilities low.

By bringing cyber security awareness and training to all your Organisation, you heighten the chances of catching a scam or attack before it is fully enacted, minimising damage to your brand and reducing the cost of recovery.