Advance Threat Prevention

Protection against newly emerging threats is provided by a database of vulnerability-class based behaviour anomalies and heuristic (expert system) anomaly-based behavioural analysis. This is updated in real-time, using Phoenix-Guard Technology.


Phoenix-Guard offers Solutions to Solve Complex Cyber Risk Challenges

How we do it:

Apply the Kill Chain Methodology

With Phoenix-Guard as SIEM in Certeon’s SOC we can help you find indicators of compromised systems and important relationships hidden in your machine data by examining logs from malware analysis solutions, email, and web solutions that represent activities associated with different stages of the kill chain. 

Determine the Scope and Impact of Incidents

Reconstruct the attack sequence by linking events together using any field value to find related events across different security technologies including threat prevention, network security such as email and web gateway, firewalls, endpoint security and endpoint threat detection and response solutions.

Get End-to-End Visibility into Advanced Threats

Phoenix-Guard allows different security teams to collaborate, respond to and defend against advanced threats. Teams can look up, down and across the security and IT technology stack as well as look back in time to find, analyze and respond to activities associated with compromised hosts and advanced threats. Team members can quickly create real-time correlation searches on any activity or condition so that prevention can be incorporated back into the system for continuous monitoring.

Why Threat Prevention should matter to your business

Protect your business against targeted attacks

In this day and age its common for organizations to face targeted attacks on their network, that are custom designed to penetrate standard defenses. These targeted attacks can and will monetize private customer data, intellectual property, and possibly even encrypt essential data for ransom.
With Certeon Technology on your side you are able to detect, analyze and respond to the hardest hitting ransomware attacks and all of their variants.

Know Who, Why, What, Where, When and How

The danger of any attack is that it repeats over time.
Mind-blowing but proven: an invisible “something” can attack and stop your whole business infrastructure’s operations by encrypting the data you hold and entire stack of machines you own. Detect a spreading attack internally or externally with Phoenix-Guard to prevent the business from falling apart.