Ermey Mobile Money

24/7 Transaction Monitoring , Fraud protection, Secure encryption technology and Cost effective

We provide world class Financial products and solutions, to maximize your potential to lead the market


It’s easy to be in
 when you have a mission control center

and built like no other, Fin-lant is the industry standard by which all other Fintech Solution providers are measured. We were enterprise-grade from day one. We were purpose-built for scaling from day one. And to this day, we offer features and
innovation other platforms can only dream of. When we say Fin-lant Mobile is
Platform for Fintech’s, we mean it, and here is why:


FIN-LANT is all about financial freedom on our world class solution that is backed up by Phoenix-guard Cyber security, and a user-friendly platform. Easily integrates and automates payments from any system to your customers using mobile money such as M-Pesa or Airtel Money and VISA or MasterCard Cards.