Penetration Testing

Simplify, automate and centralise your risk and compliance programme with Phoenix-Guard Platform.

Acknowledge The Holes In Your System Before The Hackers Use Them Agains You

In 2018, a 68% growth of cyber-attacks was recorded in Africa. More than 800,000 affect every day with financial implications estimated at more than $200 billion per year. This number is constantly increasing!

Companies are faced with two problems: Procure effective defence and detection systems and correctly evaluate the risk and potential economic impact of an attack.

Our Penetration Testing Services team delivers


The best way to know how intruders will actually approach your network is to simulate an attack under controlled conditions.

Using advanced intrusion techniques coupled to a battle-tested experience will bring you a complete mapping of your vulnerabilities, without interfering with your standard activities.

A framework will be strictly defined to specify the test duration, the level of access, the technologies used and the objectives.

The objective is to identify the different intrusion paths available on your networks, and to define what kind of information hackers could use in a real attack on your systems.


A clear view of your vulnerabilities allows to better understand them and to invest effectively in the defense of critical assets