Our mission is to build stronger secure systems in our financial institutions

Banks and Sacco’s are the backbone of the financial world—and we aim to keep it that way. We deliver the simple, secure digital experiences account holders want and the back-end efficiencies you need. Plus, we’ve got a highly skilled team fulled by our mission.

Fin-Lant is designed specifically for Financial Institutions, unlike other vendors who try to force-fit their commercial core banking products. Aimed at reducing complexity, the underlying technology design drives four things – Real time informed decision making & Risk Management, Unmatched configurability for speed and ease of change, tightly integrated analytics and non-compromising security.

Fin-Lant empowers Banks, Sacco’s to take a Quantum leap in their progressive transformation journey through a formidable range of instruments including Currency Management, Public Debt & Depository Management, Enterprise General Ledger & Collateral Management.

What can CorePro do for your business?

Acquire deposits at low cost
Expand your customer reach
Monetise your customers

Use Fin-lant to launch competitive deposit products without geographic restrictions, at a fraction of the cost of traditional core processing.

Tap into new geographies and market segments—like Millennials and thin-file customers—that are cost-prohibitive to serve with traditional core processors.

Offering checking accounts with mobile money unlocks new revenue streams by earning you interchange revenue every time you use mobile money.

Fin-Lant Landscape provides a comprehensive platform for Financial Institutions  with a flexible choice of instruments. The solution empowers Central Banks with faster decisioning and timely intervention with the help of 360 degree dash board views, On-demand financial statements & reports and Real Time Risk monitoring.

  • Store personal and KYC details.
  • Full correspondence log (incoming/outgoing).
  • Consolidated balances.
  • World check integration Risk Management.
  • CRM system.


  • Streamlined account creation Customise account indicators/rates Memos/hold codes
  • Transaction and interest history Cheque books
  • Pre-paid debit cards Overdrafts
  • Maturity instructions
  • Nominated banks/interest mandates
  • Deposits/Loans/Spot.
  • Transactions Currency Swaps
  • FX transactions/swaps.
  • FX limits per client
  • FX open position grid – refreshed near real time.
  • Arbitrage.
  • Forward Rate Agreements
  • Generic Treasury type reports. Client marked to market. Maturity ladders
  • Money Market Deposits.
  • Money Market Loans 
  • Tiered interest rates over currency base rates
  • Daily accrual/projection
  • Automated capitalisation (and pay away) Parameterised interest bonuses
  • Bulk or individual proof/correction
  • Credits, debits and transfers Cross currency
  • Automated standing orders/direct debits Interfaces to BACS/CHAPS/SWIFT
  • Internet Banking
  • Till balancing and management
  • Multilingual facilities
  • Import of CHAPS/SWIFT codes.
  • Import of currency exchange rates.
  • Import of World Check database
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Maintain Nostro Accounts
  • Parameterised Chart of Accounts.
  • Balance Sheet and P&L reporting.
  • Invoicing (incoming and outgoing).
  • Feed to external Accounting package
  • Full Audited change history.
  • Maintain fixed data
  • Maintain user groups and security permissions
  • Manage user alerts
  • Automated end of day processing.
  • Automated bulk statement production.
  • Bulk maturity processing
  • Risk scoring and reporting
  • Database sweep against World Check