Cyber-defense is a major challenge for companies integrity and sustainable growth! Our unique technology uses Artificial Intelligence and is built on a Matrix Defense Architecture.Phoenix-Guard is a complete cybersecurity solution capable of detecting and blocking automatically the most sophisticated cyber attacks in the world including zero-day attacks. 


Cybersecurity is hard work. Resource constraints – not enough time or limited resources – and ever increasing threats coupled with compliance requirements is leaving your business at a disadvantage and causing stress. Certeon exists to help you. We partner to extend your team with cybersecurity-as-a-service that overcomes resource constraints, reduces threats and helps achieves compliance. Our main goal is to help you reduce the stress of cybersecurity.

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Phoenix-Guard is an intelligent system that employs an analytics driven strategy to safeguarding critical and relevant data within an enterprise making it easier to spot trends and patterns out of the ordinary from a single point of view thereby continually expanding your predictive capacity.”
  • Threat detection & response

    Designed to detect and progressively record subtle actions & much broader attack vectors enhancing proactive threat hunting capability to natively isolate threats and attacks [as-is, as-happens], delivering deep insights for investigating and visually reconstructing an attack, and gaining granular control over compromised assets.

  • Behaviour analysis

    Phoenix-Guard engine establishes a good baseline of normal activity recognizing differences in use by inferring behavior from profile derivatives of system, user, network anomalies drawn from a detection footprint that combines user, entity behavior capabilities providing enhanced context by visualising threats across multiple attack phases.

  • Business value delivery

    We are deeply focused on delivering a product that drives business transformation and insight on compelling business use-case on reducing operational risk and fraud by showing the bean counters on how investment will either add to your top line or help reduce your bottom line accruing value to both security functions and streamlining operations within your organisation.

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